Video: Police reveals shocking truth about Arsenal fans arrested in Jinja

January 25, 2023

News this week spread like word fire around the globe about how Ugandan Police in Jinja had arrested a couple of Arsenal fans.

These were taken behind bars on Monday after being arrested posting celebrations in Jinja city.

This followed Arsenal’s memorable win against fierce rivals, Manchester United in the English PremierLeague.

And with this fixture being absolutely the most anticipated for in Uganda, Arsenal fans started running riot around the country.

Arsenal duo Eddie Nketiah and Bukayo Saka celebrating one of Arsenal’s goals against Manchester United

After being arrested, James Mubi the Kira Region Police Spokesperson said that these had no idea about the Arsenal basics.

And him being too an Arsenal fan, he knew better than them.

Mubi said that these didn’t know how many games Arsenal has played so far.

They also didn’t know the top 4 teams, Arsenal’s losses and games or even the name of the Arsenal coach.

Therefore the rally was not about football but something else.

Arsenal showed they are serious EPL contenders after beating Manchester United 3-2 at the Emirates

“We asked for the name of the Arsenal coach, the number of premier league teams, number of games Arsenal has so far played, number of wins and losses Arsenal has registered this season and the top-four teams but there was no answer,” Mubi told  Daily Monitor.

“They don’t know anything about Arsenal. That’s why our issue wasn’t about them being Arsenal supporters,” 

Another shocking thing revealed by Mubi about these Arsenal fans was that they said Arsenal’s unbeaten Invincible run was 2007 instead of 2003-04.

But hold on that’s not so shocking as these detainees also said that Denis Onyango was among Arsenal’s Invincibles.

Onyango, yes the Ugandan former goalie and captain.

He was probably still at SC Villa by the time Arsenal won the EPL unbeaten.

Meanwhile Mubi said that these have been released without any charges.