Video: Shock as DRC side Motema Pembe Women beat up referee mercilessly

February 18, 2023

Social media and the general public have been left in shock after a video surfaced showing female footballers running after a referee to beat him up.

These players belong to DC Motema Pembe Women which plays in the DR Congo Women’s league.

Motema Pembe was playing against TP Mazembe‘s female team and they were 5-1 down when the incident happened.

Motema Pembe’s players were left rattled by the ref’s decision not to award them a penalty.

They decided to charge at him and give him a thorough thrashing.

The ref can be seen running across the pitch trying to seek refuge from the agitated players.

About 7 of these chase him down and cut him off inside a booth.

They can be seen raining blows amd kicks at him as some match officials try to intervene and save the ref.

Disciplinary action against these players has already been taken by the Congolese football Federation.

Apparently players have been suspended as further action takes place.

However, people also want FIFA to intervene and severely punish these players so that others can learn a lesson from them.

“What a disgraceful act, the whole team should be disbanded for life,” said a Twitter user.