Here is the reason why Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane

April 14, 2023

News broke out yesterday that the Bayern Munich dressing room was left in chaos after their 3-0 defeat to Manchester City at the Etihad in the UEFA Champions League.

It was reported that Senegalese and former Liverpool forward Sadio Mane punched his teammate, Leroy Sane in the locker room.

They had to be separated by their teammates in a bid to de-esacalate the fight.

The two players were seen engaging in a bit of angry exchange in the dying moments of the game.

According to further sources, Mane’s punch left Sane‘s mouth bleeding.

Some have been left wondering what really triggered the fight especially on Mane’s side since the 2021 AFCON winner had been barely indicted in violent behavior before.

It’s however alleged that Sane called Mane a black sh!t a thing that triggered the ex Southampton star.

Further , as reported by Transfer News and billmahmuud, Sane regretted what he had said. Mane also apologized to his teammates.

Mane’s future is also not in any doubt because of this bust up.

“Leroy Sané reportedly called Sadio Mané “Black sh*t”, which provoked the Senegalese forward. Sané regretted what he said after the clash and Mané apologised to his teammates for hitting Sané. His future at Bayern is not in doubt.”

However some are finding this hard to belive since Sane is also half black.

More so he has roots to Senegal as his father Souleymane Sané is from Senegal.

Meanwhile Mane has been fined by the club and will also miss their next upcoming game in the Bundesliga against Hoffenheim.