Antony finally speaks about the domestic violence charges against him

September 5, 2023

Brazilian footballer Antony Matheus dos Santos has finally come out to lift the lid about the charges that have been labeled against him by his ex girlfriend Ms Gabriela Cavallin.

Apparently Cavallin claims that Antony assaulted her around 2 times in the two years they dated. She revealed that she lived with him in Holland while he was still playing for Ajax.

The first time he physically assaulted her was in Sao Paulo in a night club. The second time she claims was witnessed by his mother and a friend of hers (Cavallin). All this allegedly stems from the winner’s jealousy.

The charges were filed in a Sao Paulo court and investigations are ongoing. This has even resulted into the Manchester United Winger being dropped from the Brazilian squad for the upcoming Brazil World Cup qualifying games. He was replaced with Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus.

“In order to protect the alleged victim, the player, the Brazilian national team and the CBF … (Antony) is withdrawn from the (squad),” the CBF said.

Antony also has taken to his social media pages to distance himself from these allegations. He said that much as he doesn’t want to speak about this issue that is still being investigated by Police, he is innocent.

The footballer even said that he’s available to the Police to clear his name adding that his relationship with Cavallin was full of verbal offenses from either side but not one time did he turn violent.

“Since the beginning I have treated this matter with seriousness and respect, providing the necessary clarifications before the police authority,” Antony said on Instagram.

“I can confidently state that the accusations are false and that the evidence already produced and the others that will be produced demonstrate that I am innocent of the accusations made.
“I trust that the ongoing police investigations will demonstrate the truth about my innocence.”