Is it true Cristiano Ronaldo committed a sexual offence in Iran?

October 14, 2023

Reports have been making rounds on social media that Cristiano Ronaldo committed a sexual offence in Iran. It was further reported that the next time he goes there, he might face a punishment.

And this would be of 99 canes. Apparently, the Portuguese footballer is accused of committing adultery. This is after the Al Nassr captain hugged and kissed a painter.

The incident happened during the Saudi Club’s visit to Iran in the AFC Champions League. Al Nassr beat Iranian side Persepolis 2-0. In a video, making rounds on social media, the 5 time Ballon D’or winner is seen hugging and kissing a physically disadvantaged painter on the chich.

Meanwhile in Iranian law touching a married woman is considered as adultery.

“Cristiano Ronaldo could face a sentence of “99 lashes for adultery” the next time he visits Iran because of a photo with a painter where he hugged and kissed her on the cheek.
This is because in Iranian law, touching a married woman is equivalent to adultery.”

However, the Iranian embassy in Iran has denied these allegations. It said that Ronaldo won’t be serving any punishment in regards to this Situation because there is no charge.