German Club Mainz Terminates Player’s Contract Over Israel-Gaza War

November 3, 2023

German club Mainz 04 which plays in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top tier of football has terminated the contract of Egyptian striker Anwar El Ghazi. This is over his support for Palestine in the raging Israel-Gaza War.

It should be recalled that Mainz temporarily suspended El Ghazi after he voiced his support for Palestine on his social media pages. After, the club recalled him to the first team.

The former Aston Villa player showed no remorse for his actions. He informed the club that he doesn’t regret showing support for Gaza even if it means losing his work.

Apparently, it’s better to stand for the truth alone than siding with evil with the majority. Additionally the Egyptian international said that a lot of atrocities are going on in Gaza and nobody is paying attention.

“‘Stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone.’

“The loss of my livelihood is nothing when compared to the hell being unleashed on the innocent and vulnerable in Gaza #stopthekilling.”

After recalling him to the first team, Mainz issued a statement. This was saying that the 28 year old was remorseful of his words. Besides he didn’t question the existence of Israel and they had ironed out all issues with him.

The player however denied all this and said that the club had issued the statement on their own.

“I do not regret or have any remorse for my position,” he wrote. “I do not distance myself from what I said and I stand by it. Today and always until my last breath, for humanity and the oppressed.”