Chelsea legend Obi Mikel almost sheds tears while comparing Messi and Ronaldo

November 17, 2023

Nigeria and Chelsea legend John Obi Mikel almost got emotional as he described Lionel Messi in comparison to Cristiano Ronaldo on a podcast hosted by former Manchester United and England defender, Rio Ferdinand.

Apparently Mikel was asked the toughest opponent he’s ever faced and he quickly chose Messi. He said that whenever they were to play against Barcelona, they spent an entire week practicing how to stop Messi.

And they never had a formula. The only way was to kick him because they couldn’t get the ball off his feet. According to John Obi Mikel, Messi was always close to him on the football field but he was difficult to stop.

It’s the reason he, Michael Essien, Frank Lampard, John Terry were always kicking the Argentinean. Additionally, Obi Mikel said that he knows there has always been a comparison between Messi and Ronaldo but he just doesn’t understand why.

The Nigerian said that he does respect what Cristiano has done but Messi is just from another planet. He’s incomparable and the best he’s ever seen.

Meanwhile on another podcast, former Real Madrid defender and a close friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo said the same about Messi. The Brazilian left back said that the World Cup winner was always unstoppable and rarely talked on the field.

They also always tried not to provoke him because when he got angry, he became unplayable and unstoppable. Well, it seems like the GOAT debate is just an illusion. It has always been pushed for different agendas but Messi was, is and will always be clear of Cristiano Ronaldo.