Ian Wright Hits Out At Jamie Carragher And Arsenal Critics

February 5, 2024

After Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over Liverpool sparked criticism of their celebrations, Ian Wright defended the team.

With their victory on Sunday, the Gunners pulled within two points of the Premier League leaders thanks to goals from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli, and Leandro Trossard. If Manchester City defeats Brentford in the city on Monday night, they might drop back to third. Arsenal took advantage of errors made by the Reds, such as Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker’s mix-up that allowed Martinelli to tap in. The victory rekindled hope that the North London team may challenge Liverpool and City for the Premier League championship.

As the triumphant Emirates Stadium supporters reveled in their victory over avenging their FA Cup loss from the previous month, Martin Odegaard and Mikel Arteta masterminded the festivities. The events at full time did not impress everyone, though. Jamie Carragher, a former Liverpool defender, was offended by the captain of Arsenal’s actions after the game. After the 25-year-old snapped images of Arsenal legend and photographer Stuart McFarlane, the former England player instructed the Norwegian to “go down the tunnel”. Wright, though, didn’t take long to justify the post-game celebrations.

“The hostility directed at my manager, dude. Apart from celebrating a goal, what has he done? Honoring his team? Celebrating his team’s victory over these titans, Man City and Liverpool,” he stated on X in a video.

“Because he is celebrating because Martin Odegaard is taking a picture with Stuart the photographer, a lifelong Gunner, this man has been supporting Arsenal since he was five or something. Taking a picture in front of the North Bank, it doesn’t mean nothing to do with the fact we’ve just beaten Liverpool.

“It’s an opportunity, why is everyone trying to kill the joy? Don’t kill the joy. There’s so much of the season to go and as soon as Arsenal do anything they just come under the pile on,” he continued.

“It’s like we can’t have any of the joy. It’s like England at a World Cup or Euros and doing well, everyone jumps on them.

“Arsenal, it’s the same thing happening with Arsenal. Don’t let them spoil the joy, keep doing what you’re doing, whatever is going to be will be.

“Do not kill the joy. My manager celebrates with passion because that’s what it’s about man. People are expecting us to bottle it, lose these games, we’re going through it, getting ourselves through it, the injuries and the hatred is so intense.

“Just leave us alone, you can take the p*** out of us if it doesn’t happen like you normally do. Leave us alone in the joy, enjoy Arsenal fans, enjoy our moments, that’s all this game is, moments.

“We had one tonight, we beat the great Liverpool, top of the league. Up the Gunners.”