Be strong- Didier Drogba sends message to Nicolas Jackson amidst criticism

April 23, 2024

After a difficult week, Didier Drogba, the former star of Chelsea, took to social media to give current Blues striker Nicolas Jackson a message.

On Saturday night, Jackson squandered numerous open opportunities against Manchester City; if he had taken them, like you would expect your front man to do, Chelsea would have advanced to the FA Cup final. Although Jackson did not play poorly for the remainder of the game, he was not the only one to blame for his missed opportunities, which once again attracted racist and abusive remarks from certain “fans.”

Fans might be angry for sure. They should criticise, but bigotry and abuse are abhorrent and should never be tolerated. Chelsea was compelled to act on it yesterday and will seek to punish those who did it.

However, Jackson has just received support from Didier Drogba, one of the greatest players to have worn a Chelsea shirt. Furthermore, he is among the greatest strikers in history, not only at Chelsea but in all of football. Consequently, Jackson would have been happy yesterday night to receive Drogba’s co-sign.

Drogba used X to share a brief but heartfelt message to Jackson—one that would have meant a great deal to him right now.

‘Keep your head high up and never stop working hard, it will pay off,’ said Drogba alongside posting a couple of images of Jackson, as seen here…

It’s good that Drogba has publicly backed and supported Jackson throughout this trying time on social media. Drogba’s Chelsea career began similarly unevenly, but we all remember clearly what transpired after that, and the rest is history! Didier Drogba Nicolas Jackson