Retired boxer Kassim Ouma tells the secret to making it in sports

December 20, 2022

Ugandan professional boxer Kassim Ouma has come out to tell the secret to making it to the big stage in sports and being successful.

Ouma while appearing on NBS sport revealed why he made it to the grandest stage.

According to him, it’s because he was disciplined as the nature of one’s behaviors can either make or break them.

Ouma also complimented Ugandan boxers.

He said that the country has some good boxers. However these have failed to make it because of discipline.

The former IBF junior middleweight title holder also said that staying away from women and alcohol is one of the keys to success.

“Discipline can make you and indiscipline can break you, I made it in my boxing career because I was disciplined.

Uganda is known for having good boxers however, many have failed to make it to my level because of discipline and they actually don’t follow their dreams.
To make it in sports, you have to stay from alcohol and women because these affect badly,” said Kassim Ouma.

Nicknamed the dream, Ouma participated in the Lightweight and Middleweight categories during his time in the ring.

He fought a total times of 47 and won 29 times with 18 being by KO.

He lost 16 times, drew one and there was a no contest once in his career.