Video: Uganda Cranes coach Micho reveals what he hates most about Ugandans

January 31, 2023

The coach of the national football team the Uganda Cranes Milutin Sredojevic aka Micho has revealed what he hates most about Ugandans.

Micho while appearing on NBS Sport said that he dreads the idea of being called a foreign coach.

This is because he’s spent 21 years of his life in Africa in coaching.

Nine of these years have been in Uganda.

Mucho at SC Villa in the early 2000s

And even when he was coaching outside the East African country, he always made sure that he follows Ugandan football.

He therefore doesn’t like the idea of being referred to as a foreign coach.

Micho also added that when he goes to his home country of Serbia, they refer to him as Ugandan.

And when he comes to Uganda, he’s referred to as Serbian.

He therefore feels that he should be categorized as a local and not foreign coach.

“I dont like it when I’m referred to as a foreign coach. This is because I have spent 21 years of my life in Africa and 9 of these have been in Uganda.

Even when I was outside Uganda, I still followed Ugandan football. When I go to my country, they refer to me as a Ugandan and when I come to Uganda, they call me Serbian. I feel for the time I have spent in Uganda, I deserve to be called a local coach,” said Micho.

Calls have grown in the recent days amongst Ugandans to have Micho fired.

This is after the shocking exit of the Cranes from the ongoing 2022 CHAN tournament in Algeria.

Calls have been numerous to have a local coach appointed.

The 53 year old first coached in Africa at Uganda’s SC Villa between 2001-04.

He then traversed the continent till he came back as the Uganda Cranes headcoach in 2013-17.

Micho departed and later came back as the national team headcoach in 2021.