Adjumani TC players badly beaten up by Kataka FC fans after game

April 7, 2023

There was violence at Mbale Municipal Grounds as Kataka FC hosted Adjumani TC in the FUFA Big League. This game ended 4-2 in favour of Kataka FC.

However it was what happened in the aftermath of the game that shocked people. 6 Adjumani TCplayers and the assistant coach were badly beaten up and injured gravely at the stadium.

All this happened as the Adjumani travelled out of the stadium. FUFA has already issued a statement about this incidnet and has promised to take action and iron out this hooliganism.

“Any form of hooliganism in football will be handled by our competent Judicial Bodies.
We have acted before and we don’t intend to create any gap whatsoever as the beautiful game must be enjoyed to the fullest with great joy. Perpetrators of hooliganism will be brought to book.” Stated FUFA.

Adjumani meanwhile blamed all this on Kataka FC’s fans.

“Soccer is a beautiful game but what Kataka fc fans did to our team is anti football, this is a fight now football, they injured our players and coaching team.” Adjumani TC Said in a brief statement.

Kataka FC meanwhile has distance itself from these acts and said they were done by individuals. This is not the first time that the club is involved in acts of hooliganism. The club’s players beat up Kyetume‘s players after they lost a decisive game 3-2.