Top 10 famous footballers who lost their wealth after divorcing their wives

April 24, 2023

Following the Achraf Hakimi cheat code of protecting his assets from the claws of his wife, we have decided to detail a list of the top 10 footballers who have almost lot everything after divorcing their wives

Emmanuel Eboue – Lost children and all properties to his wife after divorce. The former Ivory Coast and Arsenal defender lost all his fortune  Aurelie who was handling his finances. Eboue was even on the verge of committing suicide till one of his former clubs Galatasaray offered him a coaching

Louis Saha – Lost half his fortune to his wife after divorce. The former Manchester United and French striker is another victim of such divorces. At the end of his career, he separated wit his wife but this cost him half of his property.

Wes Brown –                                                                                                                                                      Declared bankrupt after a year he divorced. Used to earn £50,000 pounds per week at Man Utd. The player who was part of Man United’s famous 1999 treble winning squad split from his wife Leanne last year after 14 years of marriage.

David James –

    Lost everything after his wife divorced him and later had to auction his belongings to make money. The former Manchester City goalkeeper also saw his wealth fall apart after a divroce.

    Thierry Henry –

    Paid £10 Million to his wife after divorce and admitted he had mental struggles in his first year at Barcelona. One of the surprise inclusions on this list is Arsenal and Barcelona legend Henry. The footballer said that he even suffered mentally while in this divorce in 2008.

    Ryan Giggs- Paid £40 Million Pounds to his wife after divorce


    Ray Parlour – His wife received half of Parlor’s £10 Million fortune including a £2.5 million house


    Jamie Redknapp – His wife received half of Redknapp’s estimated £15Million fortune after separation.


    Tendai Ndoro– Lost everything to his wife after divorce because he signed the properties in his wife’s name