Former Arsenal and Manchester City footballer Samir Nasir proposes best way to end racism in football

April 20, 2023

Former Arsenal and Manchester City footballer Samir Nasir has proposed one of the best ways to end racism in football.

This followed Napoli fans racist abuse towards AC Milan winger Rafael Leao.

The Portuguese was a key factor as the Rossoneri sent Napoli out of the competition on a 2-1 aggregate.

Some of these fans were seen throwing what appeared to be like banana toys to the pacy and tricky winger.

Nasir however doesn’t know why such a thing is still happening in 2023.

The Frenchman pointed out how Napoli too has a black player, Victor Osihmen who has been crucial in their fantastic season.

And therefore racist abuse to a player of an opposing team is the same to their own.

He therefore urged FIFA and UEFA to instead ban clubs whose fans racially abuse players.

The campaigns such as ‘Say No To Racism’ have yielded no positive result according to Nasri.

“Napoli supporters have Osimhen, what does that mean? We are in 2023! It should no longer exist. Instead of doing UEFA or FIFA ‘No to racism’ campaigns, they have to take sanctions against the clubs.”

Black players have been targeted with racial abuse from fans of rival clubs and their own fans at times.

A case in point is Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka who was subjected to racism abuse after his penalty miss against West Ham over the weekend.

Monkey memes were made in the 21 year old. Not forgetting that he was also targeted aftet he missed a penalty in the 2020 Euro campaign in which he missed a crucial penalty against Italy.