Messi gives honest opinion about winning his 8th Ballon D’or

August 18, 2023

Lionel Messi has come out to address the possibility of him winning his 8th Ballon D’or. The Inter Miami captain is one of the front runners to clinch the much coveted individual award in World football.

The Argentine said that he really doesn’t give much thought about the award. This is because he won the much needed trophy that he had always yearned for, the World Cup.

Apparently, the Argentine captain reiterated his opinion about individual awards. He said that he has always revealed how it is team trophies that matter to him the most.

“What do I think about another Ballon d’Or? I always said that this is an award that means so much in football and it’s one of the best awards on individual level, but I never gave it so much importance to that as I always said that I prefer club trophies.”

“To be honest I’m not thinking about that, if it arrives, it’s good, if not, nothing happens. I’ve already won and achieved everything in football and now I’m just enjoying the moment.”

Currently the former Barcelona player has 7 Ballon D’Ors making him the highest winner. An 8th one will definitely put him out of reach.

If he wins it, he will become the first player to win it while playing on American soil and in the MLS. Besides, he will be the first player to win it with different clubs, Barcelona, PSG and Inter Miami.

Messi had a stellar 2022-2023 season where he won the Ligue 1 and the much deserved World Cup where he was named the Player of the Tournament.

His biggest competition however is Manchester City and Norwegian forward Erling Haaland.

The Man City number 9 had a stellar season too breaking multiple records besides winning a treble.