Manchester United winger Antony accused of domestic abuse by ex partner

August 19, 2023

Manchester United winger Antony is surely yet to face the biggest turbulence of his career as if his struggles at the club weren’t enough. The Brazilian is now set to be sued by his ex girlfried Gabriela Cavallin.

It is reported that Cavallin and her legal team are preparing a 70 page document. This allegedly has evidence of domestic abuse and aggression from the former Ajax player.

Apparently the winger could answer for three charges that he allegedly committed in England. This was revealed by her lawyer.

“Representatives of Antony’s ex-partner, Gabriela Cavallin, are preparing a complaint against Antony for domestic violence. A 70-page document from Gabriela’s representatives gathers evidence of abusive behavior and aggression carried out by Antony. Antony could answer for three different crimes in England, according to lawyer Vanessa Souza.”

It should be noted that the club is still dealing with the Mason Greenwood saga. The Englishman last year beat up his girlfriend Harriet Robson in videos that he posted on Instagram. The case was later dismissed by court.

The player now got back with his girlfriend and they are now parents. Manchester United in a statement released last week said they had conducted  private investigation into the mater.

And thy are now considering whether to let the player rejoin the club or terminate his country. The club is at crossroads as their decision will be met with widespread repercussions.