FUFA kicks Busoga United out of the Stanbic Uganda cup

February 10, 2023

FUFA has announced how Jinja based side Busoga United won’t be given any exception in regards to the Stanbic Uganda cup.

Consequently the club has been kicked out of the tournament and there opponents Jlos admitted to the Round Of 32.

The Uganda Premier League side failed to turn up for the game clash in Kitgum.

The club was also fined Shs 1m by FUFA after careful consideration of the case.

“Stanbic Uganda Cup Update: Jlos FC will be included in the R32 draw today after the FUFA Competitions Disciplinary Panel rejected. Busoga United’s submission for failure to honour the fixture on 3rd Feb 2023 in Kitgum. Busoga loses the match by forfeiture and fined UGX 1M.”

According to FUFA, Busoga United was irresponsible as they communicated very late that they wouldn’t be able to turn up for the game.

“The CDP took into consideration that Busoga United communicated their failure to turn up for the fixture.on the very date that the fixture was supposed to be played.”

In it’s letter to the organizers, Busoga United said that they couldn’t make the trip because their vehicle had broken down.

And this is something the organizers couldn’t rely on as there was no further evidence.

“However, the CDP established that besides the letter dated 3.2.2023vBusoga United did not adduce any evidence to prove to the tournament organiser that. actually there was a motor vehicle break down. The CDP could not rely on the letter alone without corroborating evidence.”

JLOS which stands for Justice, Law and Order Sector is now among the teams that have qualified for the Round of 32.