Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to be introduced in the Uganda Premier League

March 1, 2023

Well well you read that headline correctly and as per FUFA, there are currently plans to introduce the popular video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the Star Times Uganda Premier League.

This was confirmed by Ronnie Kalema an Excom member of FUFA.

Kalema while appearing on NBS Sport revealed that they are having discussions about introducing the refereeing technology.

According to this official, FUFA wants to be the first Federation to use VAR in Africa.

“We have a discussion about introducing VAR in our Ugandan league. We want to be the number one nation to have VAR in Africa,” said Ronnie Kalema.

Of course Ugandans took to social media to laugh off the idea and give their different opinions.

“A League where the champion is awarded shs60M as a cash prize, wants to introduce VAR, we joke alot,” said a social media user.

“Now you want more money to steal tubalaba naye easy and btw on which stadiums??”.

This idea however highly seems impossible majorly because of the infrastructures.

A few stadiums probably like Vipers St Mary’s Stadium in Kitende. KCCA’s Philip Omondi stadium in Lugogo might be some of those that can support the technology barely.

Most of the stadiums are open play and in case of bad weather, the technology can’t work.

Basically the idea is far fetched and the league has a lot of other things to work upon before thinking of VAR.

Besides using VAR in the Uganda Premier League wouldn’t make Uganda the first African country to use VAR.

South Africa, Egypt and Morocco already have it rolled in their respective leagues.

However, if FUFA by any chance manages to pull this off, it would be a great move. This is due to the awful officiating of games in the country.