Magogo and FUFA should explain to Ugandans why the Cranes play far away from home-Sports Minister

April 26, 2023

The Minister of State for Education and Sports Peter Ogwang has said that FUFA  and its president Eng Moses Magogo have some explanation to do. He said that they should explain to Ugandans why the Cranes play their games far away from home.

He added that the funding and facilitation of the team is done by the government. However where games are to be played from is determined by the Federation.

“The decision to be made for where @UgandaCranesis to play its games is the work of @OfficialFUFAhowever, funding is done by the government,” said Ogwang.

It should be recalled that Magogo yesterday revealed that the Uganda Cranes will host their next AFCON Qualifier game in Cameroon. According to Magogo, this is because Namboole failed to meet the CAF deadline which was yesterday.

The FUFA president added that the UPDF Engineering Brigade which was given the contract should be cancelled. This is because the work is slow and poor.

Ogwang who is the MP for Ngariam County in Katakwi district had assured Ugandans that the stadium would be complete by April. The Cranes therefore would play their next game there.

However, now he has come out to apologize. He said that he was misled by the technical team. He also agreed that the contract with UPDF should be cancelled and an expert team will arrive next week to take over.

“When I made a tweet like this, that meant I was guided by the technical experts. As far as renovating Namboole Stadium is concerned. I had to make a commitment by supervising the work at the stadium.”

“I requested that we have an internationally accredited company. To work on the pitch in Namboole Stadium. Fellow Ugandans I want to assure you that the team is jetting into the country tomorrow. To kickoff with the works.”