Mo Salah Heavily Criticized By Moslems Over Christmas Post

December 26, 2023

Mo Salah Heavily Criticized By Moslems Over Christmas Post. Liverpool and Egyptian striker Mohammed Salah has faced heavy backlash from the Muslims after he posted a Christmas tree on his social media pages

The 31 year old went ahead to wish all the Christians a happy festive season. He added that it’s very sad that in the times of Christmas when Christians and families get together to celebrate their religious days, it’s a pity that families in Gaza are suffering.

Additionally he said that this shouldn’t be normal and they should never be forgotten. Nor should the war become an ordinary thing.

“Christmas is a time when families get together and celebrate. With the brutal war going on in the Middle East, especially the death and destruction in Gaza, this year we get to Christmas with very heavy hearts and we share the pain of those families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Please do not forget them and do not get used to their suffering. Merry Christmas.”

Apparently this is not the first time that the Liverpool footballer is facing such criticism. It was the same thing the past Christmas where he did the same with his wife and two daughters.

Furthermore, Mo Salah faced the same criticism but it seems he’s a reached a point where he doesn’t care anymore. Many described him as a disgrace to the Islamic faith.

It should be noted that Moslems don’t celebrate Christmas and in fact view it as pagan holiday. Therefore it’s forbidden in their religion to even mention it but very many Moslems across the world partake in these festive holiday celebrations. Mo Salah Heavily Criticized By Moslems Over Christmas Post.