Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhangi goes bare knuckles against Magogo

January 31, 2023

For some time now, Moses Muhangi, the president of the Uganda Boxing Federation has shown his disrespect and dislike of FUFA president, Eng Moses Magogo.

Muhangi has severally been attacking Magogo.

Ugandan boxers in action

And this owes to the sports federations both men head.

Football being the most popular and followed sport in Uganda always takes a gigantic budget of the National cake.

This is something that other federations are not happy about.

The Cranes during a training session

In fact they believe that football has proven a failure and other federations should also be bankrolled heavily to succeed.

And as if this is Magogo’s fault, Moses Muhangi has accused the FUFA president of corruption.

In a message posted on his Twitter, Muhangi captioned a photo of Magogo playing football.

He said that Magogo’s big stomach is a result of corruption from taxpayers money.

However, many people have come out to call out Muhangi for his disrespectful behavior.

This is unacceptable to a fellow president of a Federation.

Vipers head of communication Abdu Wasike told Muhangi that he could do better.

This was going personal and hitting below the belt.

Wasike also added that a person like Muhangi leading one of Uganda’s sports Federation is the reason sports lag behind.